Computational Science Research Center

Computational Science Research Center

The Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) was established in 1999 at San Diego State University (SDSU) as an outgrowth of the Interdisciplinary Research Center. Its mission is to promote the development and advancement of computational science by bringing together researchers in different areas bound by a mutual interest in modern scientific computation.

The CSRC aims to serve as a dynamic hub, fostering collaborations across a network of partner departments within SDSU and beyond, including institutions throughout California and around the globe. Its goal is to encourage and facilitate cross-disciplinary partnerships, inviting engagement from all departments eager to innovate at the intersection of computational science.

The CSRC is at the forefront of driving interdisciplinary research that merges computational science with various scientific domains. It supports a wide array of initiatives, including offering state-of-the-art computing resources for students, crafting educational programs, and facilitating industry collaborations. With a vision to operate autonomously and sustainably, the CSRC’s activities are underpinned by external funding sources.


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