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The Computational Science program at San Diego State University offers a Master's degree in Computational Science. The program features courses and research projects under the supervision of SDSU faculty from the College of Sciences in the following departments: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics.

MS Overview

The program of study is driven by the problem under investigation: real scientific problem-solving is emphasized through a thesis that could be done in conjunction with a carefully managed extramural research program. The thesis project must be interdisciplinary. Graduates will be prepared for positions in scientific research, scientific programming, and software engineering. A complete student program must be approved by the committee on Computational Science.

San Diego's local high technology, wireless, and biotechnology industries provide a broad and deep job market for adaptable professionals. We recognize that rapidly evolving technologies demand corresponding changes in the education of our work force. As a result, we have committed our program to providing our local and national job market with high quality trained Computational Science professionals. Consequently, our new curricula fuse scientific fields at a level of depth and complexity undergraduates would otherwise be unable to achieve; this fusion happens between Computer Science and relevant applications in a wide variety of scientific disciplines including Bioinformatics, Computational Chemistry, Computational Algebra, Scientific Visualization, Environmental Science, Scientific Databases, and Data Mining

Designed to prepare students for the computational challenges of today and the future, the program curricula emphasizes developing scientific database techniques, developing problem-solving skills using computers, improving communication skills, and improving math skills for creating mathematical models. Through its interdisciplinary approach to graduate training, the SDSU Master of Science program in Computational Science will produce the broadly educated, capable scientists and engineers that 21st century research and industry demand.

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