Master's Programs Curriculum

The student must complete a graduate program of 30 units, with the approval of the graduate advisor. Substitution of core courses is permitted based on disciplines related to student's specialization, with consent of the program director.

Core Courses (required 15 units)

  • COMP 607 Computational Database Fundamentals
  • COMP 526 Computational Methods for Scientists
  • COMP 536 Computational Modeling for Scientists or MATH 636 Mathematical Modeling
  • COMP 605/CS 605 Scientific Computing
  • COMP 670 Seminar: Problems in Computational Science

Elective Courses (required 9 units selected from below)

  • COMP 521 Introduction to Computational Science or MATH 542 Introduction to Computational Ordinary of Differential Equations
  • COMP 589 Computational Imaging / CS 559 Computer Vision / or EE 657 Digital Image Processing
  • COMP 604 Computational and Applied Statistics or STAT 670A Advanced Mathematical Statistics
  • COMP 626 Applied Mathematics for Computational Scientists or MATH 693B Advanced Numerical Methods: Computational Partial Differential Equations
  • CS 649 Big Data Tools and Methods

Research Courses (required 3 units)

  • COMP 797 Research

Thesis Project (required 3 units)

  • COMP 799A Thesis

  • Thesis Project: The student must develop a thesis project with two faculty members from different departments. See Thesis Project outline here.
  • Advancement to Candidacy: Approval Thesis/Project proposal by Student Thesis/Project committee. All students must satisfy the general requirements for advancement to candidacy, and the basic requirements for the Master's degree. please see the Graduate Division's Graduate Bulletin.

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