ACSESS Proceedings

ACSESS 2010-11 Real-Time Metagenomics
Daniel A. Cuevas, Joshua A. Hoffman, and Robert A. Edwards
ACSESS 2010-10 Mapping Regulatory Elements in Autophagy Gene Promoters
Lena D. van der Stap, Kim Finley, and Roberta A. Gottlieb
ACSESS 2010-09 Investigating the Structural Dynamics Implication of Flexible Resilin Joints on Dragonfly Wings
J. Marrocco, L. Demasi, and S. Venkataraman
ACSESS 2010-08 Using a Custom Ciona Intestinalis Genome Browser to Visualize Genomic Conservation with Ciona Savignyi
Jerry S. Chen and Robert W. Zeller
ACSESS 2010-06 Computational Study of TTQ Reaction Kinetics
Kirsten Ivey, Belynda Sanders, Chris Estela, and Andrew Cooksy
ACSESS 2010-05 Two-time Scale Analysis of a Ring of Coupled Vibratory Gyroscopes
Huy Vu, Antonio Palacios, Visarath In, Patrick Longhini, and Joseph D. Neff
ACSESS 2010-04 Simulating the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation Using the Computational Capability of NVIDIA Graphics Cards
Ronald M. Caplan and Ricardo Carretero
ACSESS 2010-03 Biomolecular Mechanism of San A-amide: An Allosteric Modulator of Hsp90
Robert C. Vasko, Rodrigo A. Rodriguez, Christian N. Cunningham, Veronica Ardi, David A. Agard, and Shelli R. McAlpine
ACSESS 2010-02 A Random Forest Model for the Analysis of Chemical Descriptors for the Elucidation of HIV-1 Protease Protein-Ligand Interactions
Gene M. Ko, A. Srinivas Reddy, Sunil Kumar, Barbara A. Bailey, and Rajni Garg
ACSESS 2010-01 Computational Analysis of Vortex Dynamics in One-component Bose-Einstein Condensates
Eunsil Baik and Ricardo Carretero
ACSESS 2009-13 Mathematical Modeling of Cystic Fibrosis Ecology
S. Zarei, F. Rohwer, and P. Salamon
ACSESS 2009-12 A Multinomial-Dirichlet Model for Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
J.L. Wilson and K.A. Duncan
ACSESS 2009-11 A Non-invasive Method for Measuring Contractility in Cardiocytes
D. Torres and P. Paolini
ACSESS 2009-10 Phase Separation and Dynamics of Two-component Bose-Einstein Condensates
R. Navarro, R. Carretero, and P.G. Kevrekidis
ACSESS 2009-09 Hopping Behavior and Effects of Noise in Cellular Pattern-forming Systems
P. Blomgren, J.M. Martinez, and A. Palacios
ACSESS 2009-08
Biomimetic Design of a Flexible Wing

J. Marrocco, S. Venkataraman, and L. Demasi
ACSESS 2009-07 Data Mining Analysis of HIV-1 Protease Crystal Structures
G.M. Ko, A.S Reddy, S. Kumar, and R. Garg
ACSESS 2009-06 Multimode Interferometry of Bose-Einstein Condensates in a Circular Waveguide
M.C. Kandes and M.W.J. Bromley
ACSESS 2009-05 Changes In Calcium Pathway Gene Product Level Caused by Rosiglitazone Treatment in Neonatal and Adult Rat Isolated Cardiocytes
K. T. Gebresenbet and P. Paolini
ACSESS 2009-04 Regulation of Gene Expression by the microRNA miR-124 in the Developing Nervous System of C. intestinalis
J. Chen and R.W Zeller
ACSESS 2009-03 Existence of Steady State Bright Vortex Solutions to the Cubic-Quintic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
R. Caplan and R. Carretero
ACSESS 2009-02 Eigenvalue Spectra of Spatial Dependent Networks
J. Billen, M. Wilson, A.R.C Baljon, and A. Rabinovitch
ACSESS 2009-01 General Curvilinear Ocean Model (GCOM): Enabling Thermodynamics
M. Abouali, C. Torres, R. Walls, G. Larrazabal, M. Stramska, D. De Cecchis, and J.E. Castillo
ACSESS 2008-10 Parallel Implementation of the CCBA for Mesh Generation
E.D. Batista, J.S. Otto, and J.E. Castillo
ACSESS 2008-09 Computational Investigation of the Reaction Thermochemistry and Kinetics of TTQ Cofactor
B. Sanders, J. Hart, C. Estela, and A. Cooksy
ACSESS 2008-08 A Bayesian Network Approach To Building Gene Regulatory Networks
J. Burrell, C.J. Wong, and J. Chen
ACSESS 2008-07 Development Of a Computer Program to Analyze the Renner-Teller Effect in NCO
C. Estela and A. Cooksy
ACSESS 2008-06 Image Smoothing and Edge Detection by Nonlinear Diffusion and Bilateral Filter
C. Bazan and P. Blomgren
ACSESS 2008-05 A Comprehensive Metagenomic Approach to Determine the Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease in Young Adults
L. van der Stap, L. Lee, S. Kelley, and R. Gottlieb
ACSESS 2008-04 A Non-Invasive Method for Measuring Contractility in Cardiocytes
D. Torres Barba
ACSESS 2008-03 Three-Dimensional Modeling of Receiver Functions in the Peninsular Ranges and Gulf Extensional Province
C. Lynch
ACSESS 2008-02 Mitochondria Stereology from the Statistics of Sections
D. Flynn, J.Nulton, P. Salamon, T. Frey, A. Rabinovitch, and A. Baljon
ACSESS 2008-01 Fourier Analysis of Time Course Microarray Data and Its Relevance to Gene Expression Dynamics
J. Chen and P. Paolini

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