IX Pan-American Workshop
Applied Mathematics & Computational Science

Melia Varadero Hotel
Varadero, Cuba
June 11-15, 2018



Deadline to Submit


May 1, 2018

Short Presentation

May 1, 2018

Poster Presentation

May 1, 2018

Some papers presented at this workshop will be invited to be submitted to a special issue of a journal to be considered for publication. The papers will be reviewed, and if accepted will be published in a special issue of the Journal at a later point.

All abstracts must be in English, the official language for the meeting. Please review the content of your abstract(s) for correct syntax and language structure. If you are not sure of your proficiency in English, please have your title and abstract revised by somebody else, otherwise it will not be accepted.


Papers are now been received for possible publication. September 1st 2018 is the deadline for consideration.

Papers should be submitted directly to MATCOM:


After refereeing, accepted papers will be published in Elsevier’s Mathematics and Computers in Simulation.

Concerning the paper format: at first stage, the authors only need to provide a pdf file. We shall need all the source files at a later point. We would appreciate that the requirements of our Guide for Authors be observed concerning the general presentation of the paper and of its references. This will be automatically done for latex papers through using elsart.cls as class file and elsart-num-sort.bst as bibliographic style file (both available on Elsevier and CTAN websites). However, there is one requirement of our Guide which is now obsolete and that has not yet been corrected: it concerns the placement of the tables and figures and their caption which we now request to be at their place inside the paper (formerly they were gathered at the end of the manuscript).


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