IX Pan-American Workshop
Applied Mathematics & Computational Science

Melia Varadero Hotel
Varadero, Cuba
June 11-15, 2018

Invited Presentations

List of invited presentations will be updated as presentations become available.


Presentation Title

  Jose E. Castillo Mimetic Finite Difference Operators & High Order Numerical
  Thomas A. Manteuffel A Least-Squares Approach To Two-Fluid, Electromagnetic Plasma
  Victor Pereyra 50 (+) Years of Numerical Analysis: A Personal View
  Christopher Paolini Stimulation of Carbonate Mineralization During Carbon
Sequestration Through Excess Alkalinity Aquired from Algal
Production Pond (APP) Supernatant
  Enrique ZuaZua Reaction-Diffusion Models: Dynamics and Control
  Alain Muñoz Residence Times of Cienfuegos Bay
  Ida Mitrani Arenal Numerical Weather Prediction at the Cuban Meteorological Service


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