VIII Pan-American Workshop
Applied and Computational Mathematics

Universidad del Norte    »    Barranquilla, Colombia    «    July 21-25, 2014


Deadline to Submit
Propose a Mini-Workshop
Submission Period Over
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Papers presented at this workshop will be reviewed, and if accepted will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics at a later point.

All abstracts must be in English, the official language for the meeting. Please review the content of your abstract(s) for correct syntax and language structure. If you are not sure of your proficiency in English, please have your title and abstract revised by somebody else, otherwise it will not be accepted.


Register in the Elsevier EES system to submit your paper.
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Once an author registers in our EES system and chooses the "Submit a manuscript" option, the first screen that shows up has a drop down menu so that authors can choose their "article type". Our special issue is included in the drop down for article types. There are also submission instructions on that same page that notify authors if they are submitting to a special issue, then they need to choose that specific special issue in the drop down.

The deadline to submit the full paper to be considered for publication is September 30, 2014

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