Computational Science Research Center Associated Faculty

Edwards, Rob Professor Microbiology, Bioinformatics, and High Performance Computing
Luque, Antoni Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics, Biophysics, Physical Virology
Paolini, Paul J. Emeritus Professor Cardiac Cell Contractile Dynamics
Rohwer, Forest Professor Genomic Analysis of Phage, Diversity of Coral-associated Bacteria, Opportunistic Infections and Coral Disease
Segall, Anca Professor The Mechanism of Site-Specific Recombination; Structure/Function Analysis of Recombination Proteins
Shikuma, Nicholas Assistant Professor Molecular Mechanisms of Bacteria/Bacteriophage/Animal Interactions
Shoemaker, Patrick Research Faculty Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Neurobiology, Neural Computation
Sukumaran, Jeet Assistant Professor Process-based modeling of macroevolutionary dynamics, diversification, and biogeography/phylogeography; species delimitation; host-parasite coevolution, phylogenetics
Vaidya, Naveen K. Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Disease Modeling, Differential Equations
Zeller, Robert W. Professor Cell and Molecular Biology
Earth Sciences
Day, Steven Professor Seismology
Ma, Shuo Associate Professor Earthquake Source Physics, Seismic Wave Propagation in Complex Media, Fault Zone Damage, Crustal Deformation, Seismic Interferometry
Olsen, Kim B. Professor 3-D Simulation of Wave Propogation, Earthquake Dynamics, Nonlinear Effects in Ground Motion, Parallel Computing, Visualization
Weingarten, Matthew Assistant Professor Fractured rock and fault hydrogeology; Integrated role fluids, faults and stress play in both natural and induced earthquakes; Water resources under a changing climate; Coupled geologic processes at the basin scale; Simulation-optimization techniques; Geostatistics; Numerical modeling
Engineering Sciences
Ashrafi, Ashkan Associate Professor Digital and Statistical Signal Processing, Real-Time DSP, Biomedical Signal Processing, Fourier Analysis, Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizers, Multivariate Spectral Analysis, Hilbert Spaces, Matrix Theory and Applications
Bhalla, Amneet Assistant Professor Fluid-Structure Interaction, Multiphase Flows, Aquatic Locomotion, Renewable Energy Device Modeling, Numerical Methods, High Performance Computing, Scientific Software Design
Camacho, Joaquin Assistant Professor Multiphase Flows, Sustainable Energy, Nanomaterial Theory and Fabrication, Combustion, Aerosol Dynamics, Carbon Materials
Chen, Jun Assistant Professor Modeling, Control and Optimization of Large-Scale Networked Systems, Computational Stochastic and Robust Optimization, Distributed Control and Optimization of Autonomous Systems, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and UAS Traffic Management (UTM)
Ghanipoor Machiani, Sahar Assistant Professor Traffic Safety and Signal Operation, Human Behavior Modeling, Connected/Automated Vehicles, Evacuation Modeling, Infrastructure-Based Safety Systems
Huang, Ke Assistant Professor VLSI Testing, Fault Modeling and Diagnosis. Machine Learning, Data Mining. Trustworthy ICs. Computer-Aided Design.
Jacobs, Gustaaf Professor Computational Physics, High-Order Methods, Fluid and Plasma Dynamics
Kassegne, Samuel Professor
Katira, Parag Assistant Professor Biomolecular Motors, Cell Mechanics, Mechanosensing, Tissue Dynamics, Soft Matter Interactions, Design of Active Materials
Kumar, Sunil Professor Multimedia Traffic, Compression Techniques, Image Processing Techniques
Lu, Ping Professor Advanced Guidance and Control, Autonomous Trajectory Planning, Numerical Optimal Control, Flight Mechanics
Nguyen, Duy H.N. Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Communications, and Information Theories for Wireless Systems and Networks.
Paolini, Christopher Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Software Engineering
Sharma, Satish Professor Electromagnetics Antennas
Venkataraman, Satchi Professor Stuctural Mechanics, Design Optimization, Composite Materials, Biomechanics
Physical and Chemical Sciences
Baljon, Arlette R.C. Associate Professor Biophysics, Complex Networks, Polymer Science
Cooksy, Andrew L. Professor Laser Spectroscopy, Reaction Dynamics, and Ab Initio Calculation of Free Radicals and Other Transient Molecules
Johnson, Calvin W. Professor Theoretical and Computational Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics
Kuznetsova, Lyuba Assistant Professor Nanophotonics
Navarro Perez, Rodrigo Assistant Professor Nuclear theory
Nollett, Kenneth Assistant Professor Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics
Sandquist, Eric Professor Stellar Physics, Hydrodynamics, Statistics
Sinha, Usha Professor Medical and Imaging Physics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Informatics
Weber, Fridolin Professor Superdense Matter, Astrophysics, General Relativity
Scientific Computing, Modeling, and Numerical Methods
Blomgren, Peter Professor Image Processing, Wave Propagation in Complex Media, Numerical Solutions of PDEs, Scientific Computing, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Carretero, Ricardo Professor Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Waves, Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC)
Castillo, Jose E. Professor Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, Scientific Computing, and Modeling
Curtis, Christopher Assistant Professor
George, Uduak Assistant Professor Mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, continuum mechanics of tissues, morphogenesis, solute transport
Gilles, Jerome Associate Professor Applied Harmonic/Functional Analysis, Signal/Image Processing
Hong, Youngjoon Assistant Professor Numerical analysis and partial differential equations, Numerical methods for PDEs, Boundary layer analysis of singularly perturbed problems, Geophysical fluid dynamics, Electromagnetism and applied optics, Nonlinear dispersive waves
Liu, Xiaobai Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computational Statistics and their applications to clinic diagnosis, sports, transportation, surveillance, video games and others
Ren, Shangping Professor Cyber-Physical Systems, Real-Time Scheduling, and Cloud Computing
Wang, Wei Associate Professor Cyber-Physical Systems, Wireless Multimedia Networking, Breast Cancer Image Processing
Xie, Tao Professor High-Performance Computing, Energy-Efficient Storage Systems, Parallel/Distributed Systems, and Security-Aware Scheduling
Xu, Yang Assistant Professor
Statistical Sciences
Bailey, Barbara Associate Professor Nonlinear Time Series, Dynamical Systems, and Clouds. Visualization of Nonlinear Models. Environmental Monitoring. Population Dynamics and Embryonic Mortality. Model Validation
Chen, Jianwei Associate Professor Statistical Inferences for Nonlinear Dynamic Models, Bayesian Methods, MCMC, and Computational Statistics
Fan, Juanjuan Professor Multivariate Failure Time Data, Tree Based Methods, Genetic Epidemiology
Levine, Richard A. Professor Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods, Environmental Statistics, Biostatistics, Bayesian Decision Theory
Lin, Chii-Dean Associate Professor Spatial Statistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Statistical Computing, Global Optimization, and Statistical Modeling in Clinical Trials
Shen, Samuel S. Professor Statistical Climatology & Agroclimatology, Fluid Dynamcis & Forced Nonlinear Waves

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