Computational Science Research Center Affiliated Faculty

Bernstein, Sanford I. Professor Molecular Genetic Analysis of Muscle Gene and Protein Function During Drosophila Development
Dinsdale, Elizabeth Assistant Professor Microbial Ecology and Genomics
Fogel, Gary Adjunct Faculty Molecular Biology and Evolution, Population Genetics, and Biocomputing
Frey, Terrence G. Professor Structural Molecular and Cellular Biology; Image Processing
Kelley, Scott Professor Combining Phylogenetic Methods and Culture-Independent Molecular Tools to Study Environmental Microbiology
Zayas, Ricardo M. Associate Professor Planarian Regeneration, Stem Cell Biology
Earth Sciences
Dietrich, David Adjunct Faculty Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Mellors, Robert Adjunct Faculty Seismology, Signal Processing, Synthetic Aperture Radar, and Developing Distance Education Methods in Teaching
Stramska, Malgorzata Adjunct Faculty Optical Properties of the Ocean, Optical Processes Underlying Remote Sensing of Ocean Color, Ocean Color Algorithm Development and Interpretation, and Bio-Optical Interactions in the Upper Ocean
Engineering Sciences
Battiato, Ilenia Assistant Professor Theoretical/Computational Fluid Mechanics, Multiscale and Hybrid Methods, Multiphase Flows, Transport in Porous Media
Bhattacharjee, Subrata Professor Thermodynamics, Combustion
Demasi, Luciano Associate Professor Nonlinear Dynamic Aeroelasticity, Joined Wings, Multilayered Composite Structures
Etschmaier, Maximilian Adjunct Faculty Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Kostic, Svetlana Adjunct Faculty Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Hydraulics, Water Resources, Sediment & Contaminant Transport, Numerical Modeling
Olevsky, Eugene Professor Materials Science and Continuum Mechanics Applied to Processing of Powders and Porous Materials
Sarkar, Mahasweta Associate Professor Wireless Data Networks
Physical and Chemical Sciences
Baldridge, Kim Adjunct Faculty Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Grid Applications
Bromley, Michael Adjunct Faculty Atom Optics, Atomic Structure and Interactions
Garg, Rajni Adjunct Faculty Computer Aided Drug Design, Chemico-Biological Interactions, Comparative QSAR Studies
Love, John J. Associate Professor Protein Design and Engineering
Müller, Ralph-Axel Professor Multimodal Brain Imaging (Functional MRI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Tractography, Brain Volumetrics, MR Spectroscopy); Connectivity and Network Analyses, ICA, Graph Theory, Machine Learning; Autism Spectrum Disorders
Pflieger, Mark Adjunct Faculty EEG-fMRI Cross-Analysis and Integration, Information Theoretic Measures of Neurophysiological Effective Connectivity, and EEG/MEG Source Covariance Modeling
Redondo, Antonio Adjunct Faculty Catalysis, Solid Acid Catalysis, Partial Oxidation, Polymer Aging, Kinetics of Polymer Aging, Multiphase Flow and Kinetics, Electronic Structure, Molecular Dynamics, and Hydration of Ions
Tambasco, Mauro Associate Professor Medical Physics
Tong, William G Professor Analytical Chemistry
Scientific Computing, Modeling, and Numerical Methods
Bazan, Carlos Project Manager Image Processing and Analysis for Biomedical Applications; Finite Element Methods, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling
Campbell, Karen Research Assistant Professor Biostatistics, MCMC Methods, Statistical Modeling, Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Disease, Virus Transmission/Epidemic Modeling, Agent-based Models, Machine Learning
Don, Wai Sun Adjunct Faculty Numerical Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Shocked Flow, Numerical Solution for Partial Differential Equations, and High Performance Scientific Computing
Larrazabal, German Adjunct Faculty Applied Mathematics, High Performance Computing, Modeling and Numerical Simulation for Oil Exploration, Numerical Simulation and CFD.
Mahaffy, Joseph M. Professor Mathematical Models in Biology, Delay Differential Equations
Nam, Hai Ah Adjunct Faculty Theoretical Low-Energy Nuclear Physics, Many-Body Methods, and High Performance Computing
Otto, James Staff Scientist High-Performance Computing
Palacios, Antonio Professor Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos, Bifurcation Theory in Systems with Symmetry, Computational Mathematics and Scientific Visualization
Roch, Marie Professor Text-Independent Speaker Identification
Salamon, Peter Professor Biomathematics, Thermodynamics
Shen, Bo-Wen Associate Professor Global Modeling, Mesoscale Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Data Analysis, Scientific Computing, and High-End Computing
Thomas, Mary Research Assistant Professor Computational Coastal Ocean Modeling, Parallel Computing, Cyberinfrastructure, Computational Environments, Emerging Web/IT Technologies
Zhu, Bing Adjunct Faculty Digital Archive and Preservation, Distributed Data Management, High Performance Computing, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.
Statistical Sciences

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