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February 2015
Donate To The CSRC
Be part of the future of Computational Science and influence the direction of CSRC efforts to solve the most challenging questions in academia and industry. We want you and your company to be part of this effort to fund individual student projects and support our teaching and research missions.... Donate here…
February 2015
Apply for Graduate Programs
The Computational Science Research Center is now accepting applications for Fall 2015 admission into the Master and Doctoral programs. The online application period is open from October 1, 2014-February 15, 2015... Learn more…
February 2015
ACSESS for Industry 2015 - Registration Now Open
Join us for the 12th annual ACSESS for Industry Event being held April 17, 2015 on the SDSU campus. The forum is a great place for our local industry to interact with CSRC faculty, staff, and graduate students... Learn more…
March 2015 - Featured Student Research
Quark-Hybrid Matter in High Mass Neutron Stars
Neutron stars provide a unique environment for studying the structure of super-dense matter. In our work we investigate the possible existence of exotic phases of matter, such as deconfined quark matter, in the cores of neutron stars. To determine the equation... Learn more…
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