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January 2017
Donate To The CSRC
Be part of the future of Computational Science and influence the direction of CSRC efforts to solve the most challenging questions in academia and industry. We want you and your company to be part of this effort to fund individual student projects and support our teaching and research missions.... Donate here…
January 2017
Application Period Now Open for CSRC Graduate Programs
The CSRC is now accepting applications for the Fall 2017 academic year. Interested Master's and Doctoral students are welcome to apply online before the February 15, 2017 deadline.... Learn more…
February 2017 - Featured Student Research
Who Is There And What Are They Doing? Using FOCUS And SUPER-FOCUS For An Agile Taxonomic And Functional Analysis Of Metagenomic Big Data
Microbes are more abundant than any other cellular organism, and it is important to understand which organisms are present and what they are doing.... Learn more…
June 2016
$10 Million Endowment for Health Disparities Work
A major award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will help San Diego State University build its capacity to conduct pioneering public health research for many years to come.... Learn more…
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