Welcome to the CSRC at SDSU

The Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) was established in 1999 within the College of Sciences at San Diego State University (SDSU) as an outgrowth of the Interdisciplinary Research Center. Its mission is to promote the development and advancement of computational science by bringing together researchers in different areas who have a common interest in modern scientific computation.

The CSRC is thus envisioned as the coordinating body of a partnership involving several participating departments. Although it is housed in the College of Sciences, it seeks interactions with any interested department on the SDSU campus, as well as those from other California State University campuses.

The CSRC is engaged in a number of initiatives aimed at fostering interdisciplinary, computationally oriented scientific research -- from providing computing infrastructure and support for students, to developing educational programs and industrial interactions. It is the aim of the CSRC to function as an independent, self-sustained unit; therefore, its operation crucially depends on extramural funding.

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